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Over time the dental industry has evolved, developing new techniques and utilizing modern tools to treat a variety of dental or oral complications. One piece of equipment that has shown significant changes over time are dental braces. For many years, dentists used metal braces with brackets and wires as a way to straighten misaligned or crooked teeth. Although conventional metal braces are an effective method in treating these types of dental issues, patients are simply not attracted to them. Patients and people in general are more conscious about their visual appearance and using a device like metal braces can severely impact their confidence and self esteem. As such, more visually prominent metal braces are less desirable, considering that patients prefer a less visible and less noticeable solution. At Savanna Market Dental, our multilingual dentist in Calgary, Dr. Amerjot Kler is pleased to offer Invisalign invisible braces as an alternative option to dated and conventional metal braces. 


Invisalign invisible braces are essentially a series of clear plastic aligners, that are designed to realign your crooked teeth into its ideal position while blending in among your natural teeth. Here in Savanna Market Dental, our team of dentists in Calgary, led by Dr. Amerjot Kler, are here to assist you throughout the process. The first step includes a dental visit, where our dentist in Calgary will use an Itero Scanner to make digital impressions of your teeth and design a comprehensive treatment plan that is custom built for your unique situation. The next step is one of routine where you visit your dentist in Calgary, get an assessment, pick up your aligner, and repeat. One of the primary benefits of using Invisalign, is its removable feature. This enables you to maintain your daily routine of eating and brushing without any interruptions or restrictions. The final step is maintaining your newly aligned smile by using a retainer. If Invisalign is an option that you are interested in, contact Savanna Market Dental today, where our dentist in Calgary, Dr. Amerjot Kler will assist you in achieving your ideal smile.

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