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Do you look at the mirror and find yourself dissatisfied with your smile because of stained or discoloured teeth? If the answer is yes, then it is an ideal time to find a suitable teeth whitening solution that can work well for you. Here at Savanna Market Dental our dentist in Calgary, Dr. Amerjot Kler offers professional teeth whitening services that will assist you in achieving or regaining a brighter and whiter smile. The more convenient and cost effective way to remove stains from your teeth would be to purchase over the counter whitening kits, inexpensive teeth whitening strips, and whitening toothpaste. However these solutions are not always permanent and may require continuous or frequent use to maintain your newly whitened teeth. As such, your dentist in Calgary can offer more potent solutions that are far more long lasting. 


It is not a secret that aging and consuming certain foods or beverages are major factors in the gradual staining and discoloration of your teeth. Regularly consuming coffee or tea, and smoking on a daily basis, all contribute to the staining of your teeth. With changes in lifestyle and habits, you can be one step closer to achieving a whiter smile. So if you desire to have a more aesthetically pleasing smile, visit Savanna Market Dental where your multilingual dentist in Calgary, Dr. Amerjot Kler will provide professional in office whitening services. What your dentist in Calgary will do is essentially apply several coats of whitening gel on your teeth, bleaching them in the process. This procedure is both quick and pain free, leaving you comfortable and satisfied with the end result. With whiter teeth you can begin to feel confident again as you smile and show off your teeth. Interested in achieving a brighter smile? Then head over to Savanna Market Dental where we are open Sundays, and our team of dentists in Calgary are pleased to assist you.

Teeth Whitening calgaryNE Calgary Dentist Open on Sundays