Non-Surgical Gum Therapy - Open on Sundays NE Calgary Dentist

Neglecting to adequately care for your dental and oral health could lead to significant consequences and complications. If you are not careful and do not brush or floss your teeth on a regular basis, then plaque or bacteria could build up and lead to an inflammation in your gums called gingivitis. If left untreated gingivitis could develop into periodontal gum disease, which is when the tissue that supports your teeth becomes severely infected by plaque and bacteria. Indicators of gum disease include continuous bad breath, swelling or bleeding of your gums, pain when chewing, tooth sensitivity, and weakened teeth. Here at Savanna Market Dental, your multilingual dentist in Calgary, Dr. Amerjot Kler can offer non surgical gum therapy as a non invasive way to treat your gum disease. 


Gum disease therapy often requires a thorough periodontal examination, where our dentist in Calgary will assess your condition and develop a suitable treatment for you. One option is called Curettage, which is essentially the removal of the infected and damaged soft tissue that lines your teeth. Another option is called Root Planing, which involves smoothing out and disinfecting the root’s surface to enable newer and healthier tissue to develop. In addition, local medication is often utilized to prevent the infection from spreading throughout your mouth and to healthy teeth or gums. Our dentists in Calgary are exceptionally trained and will use local anesthesia if necessary, to ensure that your experience is as comfortable as possible. 


It is important to remember that gum disease develops over time, and as such treatment for it requires more than one visit. It also requires a complete transformation of habits and mentality to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy moving forward. Patients would need to develop adequate brushing and flossing techniques, if they desire to prevent further damage to their dental or oral health. We are open Sundays here at Savanna Market Dental and our dentists in Calgary are excited to treat you.