Migraine Pain Prevention - NE Calgary Dentist Open on Sundays

If you find yourself suffering from chronic migraines or headaches that shift from mild to severe pain, then there may be an underlying issue associated with your dental or oral health. Here at Savanna Market Dental our multilingual dentist in Calgary, Dr. Amerjot Kler is pleased to assist you in alleviating the frequent and regular pain that you are experiencing. Migraines are often associated with a throbbing and pulsating sensation that can induce nausea, vomiting, and a sensitivity to certain things like sound or light. In addition, migraines can be characterized by four stages. The first of which is called the prodrome stage, wherein you experience slight changes indicative of an impending migraine. This includes mood changes, food cravings, and an unquenchable thirst or need to urinate. The second stage is called an aura, wherein you experience slight vision loss, hallucinations of various shapes or images, and find it difficult to speak. Thirdly is the actual migraine attack, wherein you experience the throbbing pain in either one side of your head or both. The final stage is called the post drome, wherein you either feel exhausted or elated, and a slight movement of your head may bring on the pain once more. 


There are several causes as to why you may be experiencing migraines, one of which is due to the act of teeth clenching that commonly occurs while you sleep. At Savanna Market Dental your team of dentists in Calgary, led by Dr. Amerjot Kler, has a solution for you if you are experiencing migraines that are associated with tooth or jaw muscle pain. Your dentist in Calgary can offer you stabilization splints, which are designed to prevent you from clenching your teeth as you sleep. With stabilization splints you will be able to reduce the intensity of this teeth clenching act, and in turn reduce the probability of experiencing a migraine. Contact your dentist in Calgary today to learn more, or visit us at our office where we are open Sundays.