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Your dentist in Calgary, Dr. Amerjot Kler and the team at Savanna Market Dental are dedicated to assisting you in maintaining your oral health, by restoring and preserving your teeth. However, exceptional circumstances may necessitate the removal and extraction of your teeth. Among these circumstances are dental complications that include an overcrowded mouth, severely decayed teeth, and susceptibility to infection or disease. An overcrowded mouth is problematic because if there is not enough space in your mouth for new teeth to grow, it may erupt incorrectly and cause damage to your existing set of teeth. As such a tooth extraction is necessary. In addition, if your teeth have decayed to the point whereby root canal treatments and antibiotics are not enough to treat the infection, then a tooth removal is required. Lastly, if you are susceptible to infections that lead to gum disease, your best course of action is to have the affected tooth removed in an effort to salvage and preserve your overall oral health. 


Here at Savanna Market Dental, your dentist in Calgary can provide you with a tooth extraction should you require it. In preparation for a tooth removal, your dentist in Calgary will conduct a thorough examination which will include a review of your dental and medical history, as well as an x-ray to determine the severity of damage done to your teeth. Depending on your unique situation, your dentist in Calgary may refer you to an oral surgeon. There are two types of tooth extractions. The first is a simple tooth extraction, which is often performed if the tooth is distinctly visible. The process is also simple, with your dentist in Calgary numbing the area with anesthesia and removing the tooth with forceps. The second type of tooth extraction is a more comprehensive procedure called a surgical extraction, whereby your dentist in Calgary or an oral surgeon will surgically extract a tooth by cutting across the gum line, and retrieving the tooth with the forceps. 


If you are in need of a tooth extraction today, book an appointment with your NE Calgary dentist, Dr. Amerjot Kler and the team at Savanna Market Dental to learn more. 

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