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If you have neglected to adequately care for your teeth, and have incurred damage resulting in a cracked or chipped tooth, then the team at Savanna Market Dental led by your dentist in Calgary, Dr. Amerjot Kler can provide you with a suitable solution in the form of dental crowns. With damaged teeth it can be difficult to do the most menial of tasks such as chewing, biting, and even smiling. In addition, individuals may lose a sense of confidence and self esteem, due to the non aesthetically pleasing appearance of their teeth. Dental crowns or dental caps are designed to fully cover a tooth in an effort to stabilize, strengthen, and enhance the visual appearance of your teeth. Your dentist in Calgary is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your ideal smile, by providing you with high quality tooth coloured dental crowns. 


Dental crowns may also be needed in specific dental situations, and used to treat the following dental issues or complications:

  • Dental crowns can be used to support a tooth that has been weakened due to decay or infection. In addition, crowns are able to hold together parts of your tooth that have suffered from minor cracks or chips.
  • A dental crown can effectively treat teeth that have been severely worn down.
  • A dental crown can also be used to enhance and stabilize a tooth that is not strong enough to support a dental filling.
  • Dental crowns are also effective in cosmetic dentistry, being able to cover misshapen and discoloured or stained teeth.
  • Dental crowns can be placed on top of a dental implant, or used as the abutment teeth in a dental bridge. 

Dental crowns can be made out of a plethora of different types of materials, however tooth coloured options such as porcelain, ceramics, and composite resin are preferred by patients due to the natural looking effect it has as you smile. If you are interested in a dental crown, book an appointment with your dentist in Calgary today to get started.


Your multi-lingual dentist in Calgary, Dr. Amerjot Kler and the team at Savanna Market Dental are excited to meet and treat you.